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Masterfibre - Custom Design - Bakkie Mats

Bakkie Mats

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Custom Design – Bakkie Mats


If you own a new bakkie, you no doubt bought it to transport heavy or awkward loads for business or personal reasons. Unfortunately, transporting such loads often ends up scratching and denting the load bay of your vehicle, which will not only affect its resale value, but be a constant eyesore, something no one enjoys. The ideal solution to this problem is to install tough bakkie mats in your load bay, which will protect it from the knocks and scratches it would otherwise have suffered. In signature, MasterFibre style, we offer you a highly effective solution at affordable prices.


MasterFibre has been custom making bakkie mats for our clients. MasterFibre bakkie mats are designed to fit the bins of any model of bakkie and we are able to customise the mats to fit even modified vehicles. Designed to be tough and resilient, our customers also use these mats in their trailers, truck cabs, truck bins, station wagons, car boots and 4 x 4 vehicles. They are essentially perfect for any surface in your vehicle that you want to protect from damage.


The matting is non-slip and available in a variety of thicknesses, sizes and colours ensuring your vehicle’s aesthetics aren’t affected. MasterFibre bakkie mats will also absorb shock and dampen sound.


Individual mats are also ideal for protecting the carpeting in luxury 4 x 4 vehicles and the interiors and load bodies of all trucks. MasterFibre bakkie mats are available in medium or heavy duty variants and are supplied loose or fixed. We also now offer an extra heavy duty topcoat.