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MasterPlay - Safety Tiles


MasterFibre has just unveiled their new generation Rubber Tiles. Utilising the latest in manufacturing technology the MasterTiles is now machine made on a vulcanising press. This ensures consistency and world class quality for each and every MasterTile that gets manufactured.


The MasterTile products are a South African first and are rapidly growing in popularity with property developers and home makers alike. Due to its ease of installation as a DIY product and the ability to manufacture it at varying thicknesses (10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 35mm, 40mm and 45mm) the MasterTile is perfect for everything from Play areas and walkways to entertainment areas and so much more.


MasterPlay Tiles by MasterFibre are an excellent playground flooring solution. If you’re concerned about avoiding or reducing injuries, maintaining a hygienic environment, keeping maintenance to a minimum and saving on costs by choosing a product with a long lifespan, MasterPlay Tiles are the solution.


Since this flooring system consists of rubber interlocking tiles, it is easy to install and is fully scalable. These rubber matting tiles are an excellent choice for playgrounds or any other recreational spaces, as the product boasts excellent protective properties, while also being easy to clean and maintain. Another practical benefit of this material is its excellent drainage qualities, making it perfect for use in outdoor areas.


Besides the many practical advantages of these rubber tiles, MasterPlay also helps to improve aesthetics, since it is available in a variety of colours which will look good on any playground or recreational space.


This safety matting system consists of MasterFibre Wetpour material in the form of rubber interlocking tiles. The Wetpour material consists of recycled rubber chips and polyurethane binders, forming a porous rubber matting product. This makes MasterPlay the ideal choice if you are concerned about the environment.


Its cushioned consistency provides several benefits, including shock absorption, which makes it a great choice for ensuring safety and/or reducing injuries on the playground. This cushioning also forms a hygienic, comfortable surface, provides insulation against the elements, and significantly reduces noise.


MasterPlay Tiles are dirt and scratch resistant and you can expect great longevity along with convenience from this product. It is weatherproof and has a non-slip surface, further helping to ensure safety.


Where MasterPlay Tiles are installed in outdoor and/or high traffic areas, the rubber matting material is coated with a hard-wearing top coat, which acts as a sealant. This helps to ensure longevity and makes maintenance a breeze. Remove dirt by simply spraying the tiles with water – this flooring system is even self-cleaning by means of precipitation when used in outdoor spaces.