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Masterfibre - Rubber Matting - Roll Mats

Roll Mats

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MasterMat - #1 All Purpose Rubber Matting


Product Overview


MasterMat - recycled rubber matting offers the end user significant cost savings over virgin rubber matting. There is a MasterMat available for the very simplest of uses such as anti-fatigue matting to specialist uses such as friction transport matting and membrane protection matting.


MasterMat is manufactured from tough recycled truck tyre rubber particles that are bound by polyurethane binder and are available in various colours, sizes, thicknesses, and densities.



  •  Material: Polyurethane bound recycled rubber.
  • Density: Options from 500kg/m³ to 760kg/m³
  • Thickness: Options from 5mm to 20mm
  • Size: Roll mats from 0.1m – 2.4m wide and 12m long.





MasterMat is available to suit every possible general matting application from anti-fatigue and non-slip mats to specialized applications such as load restraint friction matting and pipe or waterproofing membrane protection matting.

  • Long lasting – will not rot, both sides can be used
  • Captures dirt and protects existing floor coverings
  • Anti-slip – allows free water drainage through matting
  • Anti-fatigue – comfortable / user friendly
  • Butts together for large areas