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Masterfibre - Logo Mats - Poly


Code: 24

Logo's can be incorporated into a mat in a variety of ways. The method used will depend on a number of factors:

  • Application of mat will determine what product to select
  • Complexity of the logo
  • Variety of colours required in the logo.

A cut-out method of inserting logos is used in the following products: Florpoint, Dirtoff.




Size:                     Custom

Height:                10mm

Backing:             Insertion Rubber

Edging:               10mm PVC or Recycled Rubber

Material:              Florpoint or Dirtoff

Colours:               Colour Swatches

Application:         Interior or exterior covered facility entrances

                               in a recessed mat well or loose-lay with PVC Edging.

Cleaning:            Vacuum regularly.  Regular use of a carpet

                             cleaner will produce good results.  However

                              petrol based cleaning materials are not

                              recommended as they will erode the fibre.

Traffic Grade:    High