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Masterfibre - Wooden Jungle Gyms - Introduction

Jungle Gym - Introduction

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All children need a magical place to climb, play and daydream. Playing outside helps children to develop their learning abilities and outdoor play is critical to the health of children. Our playground products lead the way in encouraging kids to play outdoors, engaging their imaginations and bringing children of all abilities together to play.


It provides children with hours of fun outside, teaching them different skills and providing exercise at the same time. Our designs and manufacturing processes are constantly undergoing refinement and indeed client feedback has contributed significantly to an improved product.


MasterFibre supply a wide range of wooden jungle gyms products to private homes, schools, housing developments, hotels, shopping centres and public parks. MasterFibre will inspire your community with a distinct playground that’s built to last.


MasterFibre’s mission is to provide a top quality product to our clients, as well as, personal interaction and the best service possible at all times.  We also enable our clients to add on or leave out components on the wooden jungle gyms, according to their specific needs.