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Masterfibre - MasterShades - Introduction

Superior Shades - Introduction

Manufacturer: Superior Shades and Canvas

Code: 150


Superior Shades was established in 2009 and is currently the leading supplier in the market; we have since expanded and have 5 outlets. Since starting in 2009 we have grown our product range from only Shade ports to carports, umbrellas, Shade Sails and agricultural tunnels, catering for all ends of the market in shade requirements.


Superior Service, Superior Products, Superior Value

Superior Service, Superior Products, Superior Value


Our products can be applied from office parks to homes, from playgrounds to car dealerships.


Our Services provide your car with effective protection from both sun and rain. You motor vehicle is one of your most valuable possessions and should be treated well so that it lasts as long as possible. The wonderful sunshine South Africa is renowned for not only causes the interior of your vehicle to heat up, making it unpleasant to get into during the summer months but can also cause damage to your vehicle. Likewise, it is unpleasant having to fumble with car keys and an umbrella while trying to get into your car in the rain.


Shade carports provide effective protection against the elements while being kind on your pocket. Carport shades can serve as an alternative to a conventional garage. Taking between one or two days to erect, a carport shade allows for better ventilation compared to a conventional garage. In most cases regulations do not require approval for the construction of a Carport Shade and therefore may be installed in locations on your property where a garage might not be allowed, thus making better use of your property.


Our products can be applied From office parks to homes, playgrounds to car dealerships.




Commercial & Industrial
Shopping Malls, Office Parking, Container shades, School Playgrounds

Cars, Boats, Caravans,
Swimming pools, Patios, Jetty’s

Clivias, Vegetables Gardens,
Cycad, Livestock, Aviaries

Canvas Blinds & Awnings
Canvas & PVC roller blinds, Restaurant Enclosures, Canvas tunnel Awnings, Fold-arm & Drop-arm awnings, Most Custom made awnings & designs