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Masterfibre - MasterEquestrian - Arena Chips/Rubber Mulch

Arena Chips/Rubber Mulch

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Rubber Mulch - Arena Footing  


Rubber Mulch Arena Footing is a strong, secure, dust-free footing produced from 100% recycled scrap tyres. Mixed with sand or other surfacing materials, Rubber Mulch gives your arena optimum traction and shock-absorption that lessens the strain on horses.


Even the weakest horses trot comfortably on Rubber Mulch's resilient and elastic surface, protecting their legs and minimizing bone injury. The shredded rubber mulch buffings retain just the right amount of moisture to minimize dust, and require a miniumum of maintenance.


Features for Rubber on Horse Arenas

  • Greatly reduces dust and mud        
  • Guaranteed to last 8 – 10 Years
  • Discourages insect infestation
  • Never rots or decomposes
  • Reduces maintenance time
  • 99% steel-free
  • Never freezes
  • Improves performance
  • Non – toxic (will not leach contaminates into soil)


10kg of rubber mulch material will cover  1 m² - 50 mm deep. (Ratio - 1 Rubber : 1.5 Sand)

20kg of rubber mulch material will cover 1 m²  - 100 mm deep. (Ratio - 1 Rubber : 1.5 Sand)


Enjoy the benefits for years.